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I'll always have a thing with a simple dress especially when it comes in linen. To be very honest i'm not a dress person at all, most of the collections that i found its either too girly and the cuttings did not suit my curvy body type properly. Until i find this perfect black dress from Sol RTW ! Sol is a local indonesian brand based in Jakarta. I stumbled upon their page on Instagram and i immediately fall in love when i saw this dress as their new collection! there are so many details about this dress that screams me. I love the spaghetti strap it gives such an elegant yet sexy and this kind of strap frames my wide shoulder perfectly. Straight cuttings on the dress wraps my curvy body in a very beautiful way, the square neck and the pleats details it gives a really pretty dimension to hide my muffin top behind this dress lol.

They made a really good decision when choosing the linen material for this dress. I always find that Linen fabric have their own style to elevate the whole look with their textures! It gives a simple, effortless and earthy touch especially when you combine them with a black color it made the whole look feels super sophisticated.


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