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Updated: Jun 18, 2021

Hey good people its me again! Hope you are all in a good and healthy conditions! So this time is a special post for me because im going to share my new favourite fashion item from Brier Label!

Brier is a new local fashion brand who has a signature romantic style, i personally love it so much!!! When i first saw Brier Label on Instagram the moment i saw their collections i just fell in love with their style , i think it its very unique and rare. I've never seen brands with a special signature style like theirs. All of their collections made from a really good and high end materials. If you take a closer look on my new Jade Puffed Sleeve Top you can see that all of those pretty details on the fabric is really really special, i mean you could not easily get a fine material like that right? The most pecial things about Brier Collections are the cuttings, i have so many bad experience for buying feminine type of tops that did not frame my body shape perfectly. Either the cleavage part is to low, too tight on the chest part or even worse it makes my shoulder look big and give you that kind of buffy shoulder look!

I have a curvy body type, its kinda hard for me to find a suitable low top that frames my upper body perfectly. When i found and measure brier clothing size i knew it would fits me perfectly! I paired Jade puffy white sleeve with my burgundy medium length shorts from Pomelo Fashion. I love this short so much cause it can complete the fullness of my jade top but still looking classy and polite at the same thime. To finish the look i wore my Charles & Keith white heels and as the cherry on top i use my cute mini pearly bag from Venus_ Thelabel !


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