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Hey guys back again with me! Today i want to share with you guys what i've found on my mom's old closet, las week i check my mom's old collections and i found so many cute vintage pieces like sweaters, accesories, watches and some vintage bags too. From all the things that i found there is one item that i love the most and it is the green stripes outer! When i found it on my mom's old closet i fell in love right away, just take a look on those pretty stripes details!

The colors are super pretty especially the wool material its super warm yet breezy at the same time. i can still wear this in Bandung's windy weather! It suprised me how the material is still in a very good condition. It made me realize that most of the vintage items that i found mostly made from a really good and durable materials so it can be used for such a long time, nowadays in this fast fashion era most brands don't really pay atttention to their materials, they just want to make whats on trend and a quick cash, i really appreciate the high value from vintage items especially the story behind it. My Mom said she get this sweater from her friend as her birthday gift and she forgot that she have that outer since it was packed on the attic when we first move to our home.

After i bring it to the laundry i'm just too excited to style it! So i decide to mix and match it right away and take it for a walk. First i pair the jacket with a simple white turtle neck so it can make a neutral dimension and highlighted the jacket's pattern. then i pair it with a plain brown pants from Cloth Inc just to complete the warm tone from the jacket. To finish the look i use my buckled paltform shoes from Watt Walk The Talk , i've been wanting to pair this shoes with a special outfit, i love all of the details in this shoes the gold stripes details gives an edgy touch but still neutral to be paired with many colors and styles. The Platform itself add a classic touch for the whole look and for the last i use my mini bucket furla bag! Voila!

outer & top : Vintage personal collections | pants : Cloth Inc | shoes: Watt Walk The Talk | bag: Furla


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