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Casual style will always be my signature when dressing. Almost on any occasion that is formal or so I always manage to give a casual touch, it is very comfortable to wear and easy in mix and match, can be in style become day style and also can be used to event.

At this look, I have inspired again from Pinterest ,yes. I see some casual office look but statement yet very stylish at the same time. When we go to to the office our outifit cannot be too quirky and the main thing is the comfort because we do a lot of activities right. But often after the office hour is finished our activities are not just stopped right there. we can come to an event. Hangout with friends, and so forth. I am challenged to make a comfortable look to use the office but also suitable for use in informal occasion!

This time I use the cream nude plaid blazer, which I like from this piece is a combination of colors and patterns that fit my style very well! Creme white color is casual and versatile yet the plaid pattern makes it simple but bold at the same time, also details of the long belt give a touching statement that is not excessive.

For the inner, I use a plain white turtleneck to give the gap of color on my top look. Then continued by using black trousers with white lining on the ankle that gives extra color gradation so it does not look too boring, then I use my favorite gold platform heels shoes adjust the color white color palette black and broken white on my outfit. The last touch just using a simple necklace with round details then done!

I think this look is very flexible if used for 2 different occasions. The first one to keep the office outfit look neat and polite and the color can not be too conspicuous, combined with neutral pants or subordinates such as black, white and cream. The seconnd one is for the event it is very suitable because the plaid pattern is super playful and the statement given by the pants is also very suitable! One trick that I often use when wearing a blazer for evening events is showing some skin! The trick is just by lowering the right or left side or both in again shoulder as if will want to open the outer as I do in this photo! So what do you think? Share your thoughts in the comment box below!

blazer & pants : Shopatvelvet | inner: Topshop | shoes: By Chapelet | necklace: H&M


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