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Hey, guys omg its been two weeks since I'm not posting anything on the blog! I was so busy arranging photos of mine for the blog, I cannot choose which one I want to post first either its the personal, beauty or the fashion post lol, #nahdontgivememoreexcuse! I know right. Okay since my blog is the first platform that I choose to share all my contents so I want to post my favorite photos for the contents first and it is my last Chinese new year outfit! Haha, it's too late for the events I know right but since I really love this looks and the photos so much I'm still gonna share it though.

As you all now many of the Chinese new year sayings said that everyone who celebrates the Chinese new year better is wearing red as the color to represent powerful spirits and happiness of the new year. Well, I’d been wearing red like forever and always when celebrating Chinese new year and starting this time I'm gonna make a different look by not wearing red but just add some little red detail on my outfit for that day.

I guess I'm just bored seeing myself on red every year of the Chinese new year, last year I wore the pink outfit as my replacement color for red, then I think again why not trying something different besides there is no pressure on my family by not wearing red so yes this is the look!

top: Love Bonito | pants & shoes : Zara | bag: Gucci | sunnies: Rayban


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