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One day i was strolling around the mall with my mom looking for my upcoming birthday outfit because we're going to have a nice family dinner on my birthday. As i was screening around the Zara store , then i stumbled upon a really beautiful kimono paired with a really nice leather crop top with an orange wavy embroidery details at the bottom. It was a love at the first sight! i was instantly fall in love with all the details of the pattern , a statment red colors all of the kimono and lastly the super delicate materials that smoothly glides on my skin!

But before i get to decide wheter i will take this kimono or not i was thinking will i be able to style this vibrant statement piece all the time? Will it be a good investment for my wardrobe? I don't have any experience styling a kimono especially when in comes in a super red color. Then after 15 minutes scrolling for many styling inspirations on pinterest i decided to take this beautiful kimono with me! suprisingly there are so many styles that we can explore with a kimono, can't wait to share my stylings with you guys!

As you can see my new kimono comes with a full patterned and complete with a really vibrant red color surrounds the pattern. so to match it i will paired them with a simple white pants to create a neutral dimensions for the whole look. I complete the styling with a white platform shoes with a gold heels detail! I feel like the gold heels is gonna give a pop of colors underneath the full white part of the look. Lastly for the statement accessories i decided to use a simple gold rings and a studded red clutch to match the reddish tone from the kimono! i know its a bit too much as you read it but when i take it on the photo all of the details just complete each other perfectly! This kimono was the true definition of my birthday outfit! Cheers!

kimono & inner : Zara | white pants : Cloth Inc | shoes : Stradivarius | clutch : Zara


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