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Leather jacket. It’s a thing you can’t miss when you find a good one, it just always gives you a thrill when you’re least expecting it, drag you into some kind of drama with no choice either to buy it or not, we would still consider to buy it even with our bleeding bank accounts. I know I’m just being dramatic, but ladies trust me it’s a good kind of investment. It is never out of time, it is a very versatile item that goes with every kind of style, either you need it to run in daytime or night time it just gives you a simple statement look in one snap. When you have nothing to wear you can always make it as a choice. Pair them with a good jeans or skirt whatever your style is then you are good to go.

In this look I pair it with a slit casual nude skirt to keep it minimal yet edgy without looking too too much like a rock star, I always want to make it simple, and then complete the look with a pair of sneakers , simple dior clutch and finish them with a pair of minimal gold earrings.

leather jacket: Zara | t-shirt: Kzl Projects | skirt : Gray Studio | sneakers: Nike

black clutch : Dior | earrings : The Curvakum


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