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There’s nothing new about the all black look, but you can always make it special . The all black look is one of the most common outfit that everyone use. Its a simple statement kind of style. But sometime with the wrong styling it would be a disaster like walking to a funeral. This time im gonna show yout how to elevate the all black look not just a boring all black.

1. Choose a top with a unique cutting

A unique cutting give a simple difference and make the black color don’t look too basic.

2. Details make statement easy

Add some patterns or details on the pants or skirt that u use, so it will add up some statement to your look .

3. Pop it

Finishing the look by using a statement colored or unique bag so it will compensate for the existing details!

outfit : Story of Rivhone | sunnies : Ojo eyewear | shoes : Berrybenka | earrings : Nirawatro


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