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Hey guys back again with me, hows your week been going? i hope you are all in a good and healthy conditions! So in this time i want to share with you guys my latest styling for a couple of items that i bought from The Editors Market! The editors market is a fashion brand based in Singapore, i've been a loyal customer since i was 16 years old! i always love their collections, it really suits my style that is casual, edgy and with a little bit touch of feminine. They recently just launch their fall collections and when i see their new collections i fell in love this mustard tank top, i mean how can't i!

The mustard color is super pretty and i really love the square cuttings on the neck area cause it will elevate my shoulder to make it look leaner and my my arm appear smaller. I'm going to pair it with the yellow plaid button pants to add more little details on the look but with the right amount. For me its just the perfect set of style and colors to wear on this season even though there are no fall season in Indonesia but fall is always been my favourite season especially for fashion season!

To match this pretty set i pair them with a white slippers wiith a buckle details from Nakedsol and as the cherry on top i'm using my Gucci Marmont Belt Bag in Nude pink to add a neutral tone for the whole look!

top & pants : The Editors Market | shoes: Nakedsol| sunnies: Rayban| waistbag: Gucci


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