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Casual outfit is always a choice for my everyday style. Other than comfortable to use, I don’t really need a look that is too much for weekday. Lately I’m really into earth tones. . In addition to the vibes that the color brings, earth tone color gives the impression of simple, neutral and stand out at the same time, of course, with the correct mix and match.

Often people misunderstand the true meaning of “Neutral” in a dressing world, with the wrong mix and match neutral color can be a disaster too. Make the earth tones as an example, when you match them with the wrong color ,earth tone can give you a bad impression, even can make our skin color look faint. In this post I want to give you some tips and tricks to mix and match the right earth tone color for your daily outfit.

Choose the earth tone color that fit your skin

Earth tones reflect the colors of human elements and that includes the skin When you choose the right color tones, earth tone will give a contrast effect to your skin, people have different skin color and the color itself will give a different effect on everyone, so that’s why you have to choose the right ones for you.

Always match the earth tone with a brighter color

why? Cause matching the earth tone with a lighter color will create gradations to your whole looks and will pop out the earth tones colored items that you are wearing. Don’t ever mix a dark earth tone with a dark colored items too ,or else will bring out a dead color and it will look boring . Besides the lighter color you can also combine them with a pattern that contains related color to your outfit. Complete the look with a stand out bags or shoes and accessories but not too much! Earth color goes well with silver and gold accessories.

yuka green top : RALYKA | stripes cullotes : Zara | shoes: Stradivarius | sunnies : Rayban


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