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Hi guys! Omg it’s so good to be back! After a month break from blogging finally now i can focus my mind to create contents! Last month i was so busy finishing my final thesis, there are so many preparation to be done. I have to focus my mind to get my bachelor degree and it’s all done now! God i still can’t believe i just finished my school life and now welcome to real life! After I graduated honestly the euphoria that I felt did not last more than a day.

I honestly feel confused, insecure, afraid of what else I have to do now. transitioning from a month full of thinking about my thesis and now everything's done is just make me feel so overwhelmed what steps I want to take next. Was it normal?

Anyway this is my first content after i came back i decided want to start by posting fashion content first cause there are so many beautiful outfit that i want to share with you guys!

So in this look i’m wearing a white top pair with the mustard skirt. As you know lately i’ve been loving the minimal look so a little pop of mustard will mke the look pop on the eyes! I complete the look with a cream dots slippers, omg im so in love with this i found it when i was fad scrolling on instagram #shoes lol can u see how much procasinate i am. I mean the hashtag shoes itself has a million posting in it and though im still diving into it lol.

Then i finish the look with my new bag that i love the most, its from STAUD. Sorry guys i gotta make a new paragraph to express my love to this bag lol, and I gotta tell you guys a short story behind my relationship with this bag! So i’ve been loving this bag for almost a year ago in 2017 i never heard of this brand before, practically this is a new local brand from US. First time i saw this bag from one of my favorite blogger Songofstyle.

I literally falling in love to it but i was never intended to buy it cause i know it will gave me so much effort to taking care of the shipping not yet the tax! so i passed it , a few days after i saw it on other 3 blogger that i follow on instagram but they live in US so i still i think that this brand might be happening there.

I still passed it out a few weeks later i saw it on some harpers bazaar uk ig story and after that i keep seeing this bag in so many ig accounts that i followed and many fashion people and even stars such as Alexa Chung, Dakota Fanning worn them too. What i thought about that was wow such a great marketing strategy , many people have worn their items, they succeed to make their products visible, though inside im still denying that i don’t really need this bag lol.

I think i’ve been seeing it constantly for more or less in 4 months until i saw it on one indonesian influencer that i followed using that bag! So okay yes the power of marketing has possessed me and finally made me buy it. Okay here’s where the nightmare start when i clicked ontheir website this bag was sold out i mean why was this happen all the time! So short story after this horror story i had to wait almost 5 moths until this bag restocked i checked on their wesite for almost 3 times a week! Ugh but finally i can get my hand to this one! So do you guys love this look? Tell me your thoughts! Have a nice day!

top & skirt : Callie Cotton | bag : Staud Clothing


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