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What type of outfit can you think about when we use the word “Feminine”? , for sure we can tell bodyfit skirts, a type skirts. Tops with cute details, outer with unique patterns such as floral, houndstooth , gingham, etc. For sure we never forget one of the most feminine designs that has ever been a hypest trend in the world of fashion and yes peplum it is.

To be very honest since the first time peplum become very hype I was never a big fan of that trend. Its just never been my style , I feel like its just too feminine for me. But then I found this peplum with all the cute stripe patterns and ruffles details, I just can’t say no to it, I will bow down to everything that contains unique details and patterns. For once I really want to nailed the feminine look so I pair this top with a pink slacks to keep it casual comfy but still feminine, and finishing the looks with a pair of gold heels, simple black clutch and minimal accessories.

alta top : Suki the label at Love and flair| pink slacks : Zara| rose gold slithur heels: Steve Madden| simple black clutch : Dior | gold primrose earrings : The curvakum | Hologram marble case: Casethethic


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