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Hows your new year started guys? Been great? Either it was great or not we still in the beginning at 2018 so don’t overthink abbout anything you’ll gotta find a way somehow.

Well to start the new year i always choose bright colors, there is no specific reason but i always have suggestion if i use bright color will lighten up my spirit during this new days haha it does’nt even make sense i know :p.

Been a few weeks ago i got a package from Berrybenka, and comes with this orange mustard top from Avgal collection. I’m so in love with this top when i see the color its just so pretty especially the details on buttons and the crop cutting in the middle!, Thats why i named this content aracia, it means orange in Italy LOL.

So i decided to took a photo of it and use it as my next content. I paired it with a sky blue pants. I always love the combination of orange and blue, its just so good on the eye like a pop from orange calmed with the neutrals from blue. Then i use my wooden heels and give a touch of tropical vibes by wearing a summer hat and clutch, finish them with a pair of sunnies.


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