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I want to ask a question, how do you feel about vintage items? You like not with vintage items? Likes to buy vintage items? Or even vice versa at all do not want to use vintage items? Usually, many people who do not want to use vintage items for reasons such as fear of the object history that we do not know, is not hygienic to use and can transmit disease, or the goods are goods that have been damaged? Well, then this post will open your mind with little steps so you can now more things about vintage items and especially where to get those quality vintage items!

I gotta say I've been into vintage items lately, I've often looked for that reference or inspiration from Pinterest and one thing I realize that the style can be likened to a wheel that spins instantly so it's a big topic. The style is always changing every day but all the trends that exist without us realize also take from the previous trends that have been happening in many years before. Let's say the trend once the little sunnies that does not work as the actual sunnies because the extra small glass does not cover our eyes just for style only. In addition to sunnies, there are also super high waist jeans with straight cutting and finished with raw details at the end like repeating the trend in the 60-90s. Not forgetting the current bag trend that also takes from the model of vintage bags like Mansur Gavriel calf circle bag, vintage beaded bag, Net bag and etc.

1. Decide where to shop

the place where you learn also determines how the quality of the goods you produce if I read from an online store that I already trust because I do not need to bother to walk around the market because of the many choices that make me confused. we also know the condition of used goods here unlike the comfortable overseas, this has become a market plus there are a lot of pickpockets so it makes me lazier to go there. But if you intend to come directly to the market well it is a good thing too because you can directly check the goods plus it is definitely cheaper because you can bid.

2. Measure properly!

this is important! if the items that u buy are too big u can still be understated but if its too small its a problem! don't force to buy it!!, it would require more effort for you to just wear those things right?


Always check the items you will buy carefully, you have to check if there is a hole or a loose stitch, especially please check in the armpits! The worst thing that ever happened always happens in this section. If you buy online do not hesitate to request detail photos of the goods!

4. How about accessories?

after buying antique accessories I always clean it with alcohol first. If when wearing the accessories leave the green color on your skin just coat it with clear nail polish.

5. What about the fur items?

This is also for those of you who buy coats of leather or fur because they are vulnerable, can go or peel off. Plus usually, the vintage coat is heavier than the coat nowadays so try it before you buy and most importantly do some quality checks wisely!


This is the most important thing if you buy vintage items that are always washed before use! How to wash vintages is not like washing your usual clothes. The first thing you should do is boil his clothes mixed with baking soda, normally for me boil in 10-15 minutes to kill all types of viruses etc. bacteria. Then soak with an antiseptic solution and soap deodorizer. The last iron carefully!

If you are lazy to do the steps above just simply bring it to the laundry!

The steps above are some tricks you need to remember before buying vintage items! Shopping for vintage items is a fun thing, always giving satisfaction when looking for rare items, but should be followed with thoroughness when shopping!

Before this content end, I will give a recommendation of the vintage online store that can be used to get antiques with high quality, just easily tap on the link!

top : Bon Barell | pants: Chapa Mamba | shoes: Zara | bag: Zara | sunnnies: Luckylight

Okay so that’s all for today! Hope this content can be helpful for all of you! Have a nice weekend!


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