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Hey guys its really good to be back writing again! After a month post poning finally i can show you the new look of, well its a really long process to find a website developer that clicks your personality especially when ur trying to reveal your self into a website that reflects your passion. Its a bit tiring and a hard process , lots of adjusting but its a part of the journey and there are no elevator to success right?

Anyway despite all of the second transition of my website as you all know im a big fan of fall season so definitely i found a lot of items that catch my eyes and did a lot of shopping . In this post i would like to show you guys one of my best buy items ! I’m so excited to share this look with all of you. Well i found a perfect light mocca oversized pants in one of my favorite online website Loveandflair.

When i saw this pants its like a love at first sight all over again ,omg its just happen everytime when you found something that you really like right , well to be honest i already have a lot of neutral pants especially in this kind of color but the cuttings and the models of this pants i just can’t resist! It has such a unique shape and a statement piece yet a perfect match to all kind of style!

I paired this ford belted pants with a simple oversized white shirt , i did a simple styling on the shirt by open the first and the second button then pull the back of the shirt under my pants , so it will open up your shoulder a little bit but not too much. The purpose of this styling is just to add a neutral color dimension from the color of your skin and make your shoulder look wider so it will make us look more toned. Last but not least i complete the look with a yellow bee earrings , white heels and a classic chanel bag then done!


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